Music is the Motivator

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How many times have you been listening to music and hear an artist talk about using money, making money, or saving money? I must listen to a wide range of music because I have heard numerous artist do this. This lets me know that they not only have the same problem as me but they are actively trying to solve their debt.

Music can be the greatest motivator to a person with debt. If you find that one song that lets you escape but at the same time still allows you to stay on track then you are winning. My song is by an artist named Big Sean called Sacrifices. It’s a rap song, not really hardcore but has a good message. In the whole song Big Sean talks about making sacrifices to get to his goals. He even makes direct references to getting out of debt! When I heard that I thought “Yep, this is my song.”

So what motivates you? Is it music or is it something else? I would encourage you to find a get out of debt song and stick with it the whole year. If you find that song share it with me. I would like to hear it!


Side Hustle Saturday – The Uber Experience

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Sometimes you do things you don’t want to get to where you want to be. I can now say I have been doing the most to get to where I want to be and don’t want to be doing any of it! Are you wondering what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the “Side Hustle.” I had to find one to help ease my money pain and it wasn’t a very hard thing to do.

We definitely live in a side hustle economy and that’s a good thing. The side hustle gives you the opportunity to be flexible and work when you want to work (in some cases). I asked myself what can I do to help get out of this debt. It didn’t take long for my wheels to start turning (literally). I decided I was going to drive for Uber. My Uber experience so far has been…ehhh……ok I suppose, but let me explain. Continue reading


See a Penny, Pick It Up!

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When most people see pennies on the ground they don’t even think twice about it. I will admit, I used to be one of those people. If I was outside and saw a penny on the ground I would try and see how far I could skate on the concrete with it, but never would I pick it up. Well folks, it’s a different time. I say to you, next time you see a penny pick it up!

I know it sounds crazy but over time all those pennies add up. I started keeping track of all the coins I picked up (not just pennies) outside and in buildings. In just a short amount of time, like two months, I had picked up about three dollars’ worth of change. I know that’s not a lot but that can add up over a year. That’s what, $18 at the end of the year!

You probably think I’m stupid for doing it, but it does teach you a lesson. By stopping and taking the time to pick up change you realize that money doesn’t grow on trees. It also gives you an appreciation for the money you earn because nobody is giving it out for free. Well, maybe in this case they are. Think of change on the ground as gift from above. Pick it up and save it.

Your Homework…. If you see some coins, no matter what coins they are, pick them up and put them in your pocket. Take them home and put them in a jar. At the end of 30 days see how much change you accumulate.


What Does Your Debt Look Like?


(This is what my debt looks like.)

Seriously, have you ever stopped to take a look at what your debt looks like? Think about it, what does your debt look like to you literally and figuratively? I have about $60,000 of debt when you add it all up. Not a terrible number but definitely not where I want to be. If I look at my debt literally, it looks like I have a long uphill battle that I may or may not win anytime soon, right? Here is a question for you – in your own words knowing what Continue reading


Laying the Foundation

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If we are going to start on our road to financial independence, we have to start with a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation we will just be spinning our wheels in the mud and going nowhere. Most people call this being up sh**’s creek without a paddle. Even if we are flat broke, and I mean flatter than a white lady’s butt who voted for Trump, we can still lay a solid foundation to our finances.

First thing we need to do to set our foundation for financial independence is assess our Continue reading


How Much Do You Have?


I Have Finally Arrived!


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening! Welcome to the I Been Broke blogging spot. My name is Todd and I am a black man who is on a serious budget. When I say serious, I mean peanut butter sandwiches and cheerios (well, not named brand Cheerios but the Kroger brand Honey Toasted Oats) type of budget. Yeah, it’s that real and its that real ’cause I BEEN BROKE and I don’t want to be there again. Continue reading