What Does Your Debt Look Like?


(This is what my debt looks like.)

Seriously, have you ever stopped to take a look at what your debt looks like? Think about it, what does your debt look like to you literally and figuratively? I have about $60,000 of debt when you add it all up. Not a terrible number but definitely not where I want to be. If I look at my debt literally, it looks like I have a long uphill battle that I may or may not win anytime soon, right? Here is a question for you – in your own words knowing what you know about my $60,000 debt, what do you think my debt looks like? If you are like most people, I bet you had some type of negative connotation associated in your answer about the debt. That’s totally fine if you did, but we have to get out of that type of mindset to attack our debt problem with something else.

I have found that Figurative Debt Drawing (yeah, I made this up, this is my signature move, don’t let anybody tell you different!) is the new way to attack you debt problem. I know you are reading this and saying what in the hell is Figurative Debt Drawing? Well, it’s drawing a funny or crazy picture of your debt in your head or on paper. I found that looking at my debt figuratively by drawing a picture of what it looks like either in my head or on paper is not only therapeutic, but it’s quite hilarious actually. When you draw this picture of debt in your head don’t associate it with anything that is going on in your life. Draw this picture as if you are on the journey to paying down the debt you owe and what it will look like when it’s all said and done. I can promise you that your picture is going to be very different and will more than likely make you smile. By doing this, you’re doing something good and you don’t even realize it. You have just associated your debt, which is bad, with something that is good, funny, different or all of the above.

You’re probably thinking well what does this even mean? It’s simple, it means when it comes time to make a debt payment you will no longer have a negative thought behind it. You will probably be like, “I didn’t even need that money anyway. Take that [insert name of crazy figurative debt drawing (because you will name it, trust me)]!”

Your homework for the week (yes, I give homework because I want to follow you on this journey. Believe it or not, if you are reading this blog we are officially online dating and you can’t break up with me unless I break up with you first) is to do this Figurative Debt Drawing and send it to me. Also, send me the explanation behind why you chose this drawing. As you pay down your debts always refer back to your picture for inspiration.


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