See a Penny, Pick It Up!

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When most people see pennies on the ground they don’t even think twice about it. I will admit, I used to be one of those people. If I was outside and saw a penny on the ground I would try and see how far I could skate on the concrete with it, but never would I pick it up. Well folks, it’s a different time. I say to you, next time you see a penny pick it up!

I know it sounds crazy but over time all those pennies add up. I started keeping track of all the coins I picked up (not just pennies) outside and in buildings. In just a short amount of time, like two months, I had picked up about three dollars’ worth of change. I know that’s not a lot but that can add up over a year. That’s what, $18 at the end of the year!

You probably think I’m stupid for doing it, but it does teach you a lesson. By stopping and taking the time to pick up change you realize that money doesn’t grow on trees. It also gives you an appreciation for the money you earn because nobody is giving it out for free. Well, maybe in this case they are. Think of change on the ground as gift from above. Pick it up and save it.

Your Homework…. If you see some coins, no matter what coins they are, pick them up and put them in your pocket. Take them home and put them in a jar. At the end of 30 days see how much change you accumulate.


2 thoughts on “See a Penny, Pick It Up!

  1. Your post attracted my attention because I work in a school library and a kid had a lost library book that cost 4.99 to replace. She brought in a 5.00 bill and advised me that she should get .01 back. I have to issue a receipt and do some other accounting with the funds and I told her I’d catch up with her during library class. She came to library class and said, “Do you have my penny yet???” Future millionaire, but first she needs to stop losing her books!


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