Side Hustle Saturday – The Uber Experience

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Sometimes you do things you don’t want to get to where you want to be. I can now say I have been doing the most to get to where I want to be and don’t want to be doing any of it! Are you wondering what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the “Side Hustle.” I had to find one to help ease my money pain and it wasn’t a very hard thing to do.

We definitely live in a side hustle economy and that’s a good thing. The side hustle gives you the opportunity to be flexible and work when you want to work (in some cases). I asked myself what can I do to help get out of this debt. It didn’t take long for my wheels to start turning (literally). I decided I was going to drive for Uber. My Uber experience so far has been…ehhh……ok I suppose, but let me explain.

Uber is ok. I’m not the biggest fan of it, but if you need money and you have a decent car you can get started on your money making mission right away. In Nashville, TN where I stay there is always something going so it is pretty easy to make a couple of extra dollars. The only problem with it here is that Nashville has over 100 people moving here daily. A lot of them are aspiring singer song writers and don’t have traditional jobs. So, with that being said the Uber world in Nashville can get a little crowded. Don’t get me wrong there is more than enough money to go around in this city but you may not be able to make tons of cash in a few hours like they sometimes promise. I try to drive every day for at least an hour to make at least $10. That gives me $70 at the end of the week to spend on a bill or an everyday item that I might need.

I don’t like sitting in my car for long periods of time and if this is something that you don’t enjoy either then Uber might not be the thing for you. I admit it can get kind of boring just cruising around looking for people to pick up. It also sucks if the person you pick up is rude. It makes for an awkward car ride, but hey you got to make the money right?

Something that I really didn’t like with Uber was the way the Surge pricing worked. The surge pricing gives you, the driver, more money when there is a demand for drivers. Sometimes I would be sitting in a surge area and Uber would not give me the surge pricing. In fact, lots of times it would take me out of the surge pricing areas. Even if I was right in the middle of them. I don’t know if this happens to all Uber drivers but it happened to me. I contacted Uber about it and all they could say was “Our system changes in real time so when the rider requested a ride it was not actually surging.” With this statement I understood there to be a delay in their driver app and system.

Overall I think Uber is ok but it is definitely not something that I would do full time. If you want to try Uber out you can use my code K1RSHUE. With that code, after your first 50 or so rides they will give you up to a $200 bonus. Not a bad deal if you are just looking to score some cash in a relatively short period of time.

If you have any cool side hustles please share. We are all family here.


3 thoughts on “Side Hustle Saturday – The Uber Experience

  1. Interesting! I have never Ubered. My main side job is taking care of a retired couple’s property when they are snowbirds for 3 mo of the year. They are friends so I would do it for free, but they are very appreciative.
    I have also noticed on Nextdoor (if you have that in your community) there are opportunities to dog walk, drive kids to sports in summer, etc. good opportunities there for teens and SAHParents.


    • Thats pretty cool. I have nextdoor. It seems as if everyone in my neighborhood just complains about HOA fees. They also lose their dogs a lot. I think i will try to look on there and see what else is offered though. Maybe that will inspire next week’s side hustle saturday.


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