Music is the Motivator

Image result for Big Sean Sacrifices

How many times have you been listening to music and hear an artist talk about using money, making money, or saving money? I must listen to a wide range of music because I have heard numerous artist do this. This lets me know that they not only have the same problem as me but they are actively trying to solve their debt.

Music can be the greatest motivator to a person with debt. If you find that one song that lets you escape but at the same time still allows you to stay on track then you are winning. My song is by an artist named Big Sean called Sacrifices. It’s a rap song, not really hardcore but has a good message. In the whole song Big Sean talks about making sacrifices to get to his goals. He even makes direct references to getting out of debt! When I heard that I thought “Yep, this is my song.”

So what motivates you? Is it music or is it something else? I would encourage you to find a get out of debt song and stick with it the whole year. If you find that song share it with me. I would like to hear it!


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